Home Decor Exhibitors



Cofresiarts – Paula Cofresi Silverstein

Pottery for utilitarian and decorative use


Beau Bois Custom Creations – Eric Beauchamp

Handcrafted wooden items for the home


Pura Vida Home – Manisha Patel

Sustainable luxury home furnishings & accessories


Atkal Inc. – Igors Irbe

Chicago maps framed in authentic vintage wood, storage boxes and trays


Reclaimed Mosaics – Dawn Briskey

Mosaics using reclaimed and new materials and inspired by nature and geometry


BWGSLAM Potters – Laurie Marsh

Handmade ceramics and artwork with unique and unusual glazes, creating one-of-a-kind items


Fusioned Family – Andy Jensen

Holiday décor for families celebrating both Christmas and Chanakha


Against the Grain – Scott Buell

Functional and art pieces crafted from reclaimed wood



Provence Village Ltd – Michel Meli

100% cotton linens made in the south of France exclusively by Provence artisans


Mollie Morris & Patty – Mollie Morris & Patty

Evanston ceramic artists creating beautiful ceramic boxes and functional ware


Re-Increation -Chris Castino

Items doomed for destruction are rescued and restored by Re-increation through a combination of imagination, elbow grease and random supplies. No two pieces are alike!  The creations in the Table Talk Collection are eager to enjoy a second new life with a revised purpose.

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